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In 2018, Jon & Megan Lowe returned home to the neighborhood where they both grew up to begin a new church. They remember when Noblesville and Westfield were much different places than what they have grown to today. They have experienced a front row seat to many of the victories and struggles of that growth. There are already churches here, and even the mayor of Westfield has expressed that he feels like Westfield is competitive to win the title for the most church start-ups per capita in the country! So why begin another new church?


Well, attending church on Sunday is pretty well a cultural norm for Hamilton County. But, there is a deeply rooted belief held among our team, even as it grows, that Jesus calls us to much more than attending church on Sunday. His call to a new way of life is something that changes every day of our lives by sending us on His mission to our circles; the people God has supernaturally and strategically placed on the front row of each our lives. 


What would a church look like that consistently moved outside of our building walls and into our neighborhoods to begin and build relationships with those God has placed in our circle? 


Welcome to North Circle Church! 


Sometimes our schedule here can feel chaotic. We’re aware of that and know it’s not the norm of what you find everywhere you go. While we want to do everything we can to communicate where we will be and how to connect, we also embrace that it’s part of who we are to be mobile on Jesus’ mission. 


Pop-Up Church locations in neighborhood settings, block parties, backyard movie nights, serving with local non-profits, giving away eight weeks of our offering to local non-profits during a global pandemic…these are all parts of our heart to love our community the way Jesus loves us. 


Our facility is not ONLY a place for us to gather for worship at 11am on Sundays, it’s a place to welcome the neighborhood we live in with open arms, to learn art, to learn CPR, to host kids camps, or even to host family gatherings. It’s a place for us to be equipped and then sent out with new tools to live on God’s mission for our lives. 


We’d love for you to join us on this mission to pursue loving God and loving people together. Check out our Gathering Guide to find out where we will be next and how to connect!

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