You may have seen us throwing parties in your neighborhood, cheering at sporting events, hanging out at the park, enjoying coffee and food together, or any of the other ways we spend our lives together around Hamilton County.
What's that all about?
We believe Sunday gatherings are important, but our walks with Jesus can’t end there. Throughout the week, smaller groups of people meet up to serve their neighborhoods, strengthen their relationships with each other, gather over meals, and study the teachings of Jesus. These Missional Communities--or "MCs" as we like to call them--are made up of people celebrating together, bearing each other's burdens, and intertwining their lives. 
When choosing an MC, we prefer that you begin with considering geographical proximity. Also, you don't have to officially be a part of North Circle Church or even consider yourself to be a believer to join in with an MC. We would love for you to see what it looks like for us to chase after a new life in Jesus together. If you'd like to visit an MC, let us know which location makes most sense for you and that MC host will contact you with more information. 
Westfield, IN

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