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How to Host a Bonfire

Last Saturday evening, we gathered together in a Westfield neighborhood for a backyard bonfire to celebrate the arrival of Matthew, our first Plant Circle City intern of the summer! This is how our night went, but keep in mind that all you really need for a great bonfire is the actual fire and the people you love spending time with. Also s'mores, usually.

We take our s'mores very seriously. Our s'mores tray consisted of the usual graham crackers, chocolate, and marshmallows, but we always make sure to have fudge striped cookies as a graham cracker substitute and peanut butter cups as a chocolate option.

We were jamming to music while we were preparing for the night and made sure to keep it playing to set the atmosphere we wanted (which was a relaxed, mellow summer night). Here's our playlist that we used, but keep in mind that your vibe is all your own! Your music can be all hype music, full of 90's jams, or even just The Greatest Showman soundtrack on repeat. We won't judge.

A lot of our friends and neighbors have young kids--and adults who are young at heart--so it was important for us to have as many outdoor games as we could. Ask your friends to bring over their favorites! We had a great time playing flag football, corn hole, badminton, outdoor tic-tac-toe, and more.

Of course, a bonfire definitely needs the fire. Here at North Circle Church, we are fire-starting experts, which means that we totally started ours with a pile of Doritos. They're great for kindling and gave our hot dogs a nacho cheese flavor for a while!

You don't really have to go out and make all of these extensive preparations to have a backyard bonfire. Invite the people in your community to enjoy a night together. Use this time to share your lives with each other, hear stories of struggles and celebrations, let your kids chase a dog around the house, and take comfort in each other's company. There's just something about sitting around a dying fire with people who don't want to go home quite yet because you all love spending time together that much. If you feel like you don't have a community quite like that, know that you have a spot in ours. We have random parties like this all the time, and we would love for you to join us.

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